Postdoctoral position in Formal Epistemology and/or Social Epistemology

Topic: “Epistemic deliberation and epistemic aggregation”


ANR-DFG Project “Collective Attitude Formation” (COLAFORM)


The French team of the ANR-DFG project “Collective Attitude Formation” (ColAForm, ANR# ANR-16-FRAL-2010) invites applications for a 18 months postdoctoral position in Formal Epistemology and/or Social Epistemology starting October 1st 2017.

Topic: “Epistemic Deliberation and Epistemic Aggregation”

Location: Université Paris-Est Créteil, Créteil, France.

Project’s PI: Mikaël Cozic, Université Paris-Est Créteil & Institut Universitaire de France

Duration: 18 months.

Starting date:  October 1st, 2017.

Requirements: PhD in Philosophy (formal epistemology, social epistemology). Candidates with PhD degrees in disciplines which study the formation of collective epistemic attitudes (esp., economics, psychology, statistics) are also welcome is they can demonstrate their aptness for the project. All candidates should have a strong background in formal models of epistemic attitudes.

Application deadline: July 31, 2017.

Salary: depending on the previous experience of the candidate, the (gross) monthly salary will be between 2000 and 2150 euros.

Contact: Mikael Cozic,   


The overall goal of the ColAForm project is to compare the properties of deliberation, aggregation and combinations of them as processes of collective attitude formation. The successful candidate will focus on epistemic attitudes (beliefs, judgments). He or she will collaborate with members of the French team working in the domain: D. Bonnay (U. Paris-Ouest), F. Dietrich (CNRS & PSE), I. Drouet (U. Paris-Sorbonne), P. Egré (CNRS & ENS Paris), B. Hill (CNRS & HEC), Ph. Mongin (CNRS & HEC), C. Paternotte (U. Paris-Sorbonne) and M. Pivato (U. Cergy-Pontoise). Specific research topics include

  • the relationship between opinion pooling and models of belief updating
  • the clustering of opinions
  • the aggregation of judgments
  • the aggregation of imprecise probabilities (and, more generally, of non-Bayesian beliefs)
  • Jury Theorems
  • the application of formal models of epistemic attitude formation to real-world epistemic collective processes (e.g., IPPC).

For a more detailed description of the project and of these topics, see 

The successful candidate is expected to work on one (or several) of these research topics. He or she will have opportunities to interact with members of the German team (e.g., O. Roy (U. Bayreuth), A. Lyon (LMU), G. Wheeler (LMU)) and with associate members to the project (e.g., R. Bradley (LSE), C. List (LSE), V. Hendriks (U. Copenhagen), J-W. Romeijn (U. Groningen)).

The position does not come with teaching obligations. The candidate will contribute to the organization of a monthly seminar and other scientific events related to the ColAForm project.


Applications should include:

  • a CV
  • a writing sample
  • a description of research activities planned during the postdoctoral position (max. 1500 words)
  • at most 2 letters of recommendation, directly sent from referees to

Applications should be sent by mail (only) to before July 31, 2017.