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The Foundation Euro-Mediterranean Center on Climate Change (CMCC)  is a non-profit research institution established in 2005. CMCC’s main mission is to investigate and model the future of our economic and economic systems, with special emphasis on impacts of climate change and related collective actions to address mitigation challenges. Its ambition is to provide reliable, rigorous, and timely scientific results to stimulate sustainable growth, protect the environment, and to develop science driven adaptation and mitigation policies.
Much of CMCC research on biodiversity is currently focused on mapping biological diversity as a conservation priority to tackle habitat loss, fragmentation and climate change; modelling climate change impacts on biodiversity, agriculture, ecosystem functions and natural systems; assessing the risks and costs of climate change that can be of direct usability and respond to the different needs of end users from the research, business, investment, and the policy making community.


Contact: Prof. Carlo Carraro

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