At the outset of BIOECON in 2001 eight academic institutions were involved in the partnership. Since that time the conference has been organised by a core group of individual academics, and many individual collaborations have been continuing among partners.

In 2011 the core partners have decided to propose the institutionalisation of BIOECON, opening the partnership to those organisations that have demonstrated their interest in the Network over the years. BIOECON is now based on the contribution of three categories of partners:

  • the founding partners, who have been recognised as the institutional providers of the network;
  • the institutional partners, willing to support the BIOECON network and the organisation of the Annual BIOECON Conference over the next years;
  • the scientific partners, including academics and their institutions willing to support the continuation of the Network activities through their own personal time and expertise.

In total, BIOECON currently counts on the partnership of 27 academic, political and research institutions all over the world.