With the contribution of: CSIRO Eco-Delivery Project
(University of Stirling)
funded by the European
Investment Bank


13th Annual BIOECON Conference
"Resource Economics, Biodiversity Conservation and Development"

11-13 September 2011


DAY 1:
DAY 2:
18.00 - 20.00

Villa Moynier
8.30 - 8.45
8.45 - 9.00
Welcome Address:
9.00 - 10.00
Plenary Session 1:
Plenary Session 2:
10.00 - 10.30
Coffee break Coffee break
10.30 - 12.30
Parallel Sessions A1 - A3
and Submitted Session 1
Parallel Sessions D1 - D3
and Submitted Session 3
12.30 - 13.30
Lunch Lunch
13.30 - 15.30
Parallel Sessions B1 - B3
and Submitted Session 2
Parallel Sessions E1 - E3
and Submitted Session 4
15.30 - 16.00
Coffee break Coffee break
16.00 - 17.30
Parallel Sessions C1 - C4 Parallel Sessions F1 - F4
and Submitted Session 5
17.30 - 18.30
Plenary Panel Discussion:
Rosimeiry PORTELA

Glenn-Marie LANGE
Pushpam KUMAR
Paulo A.L.D. NUNES
Andrew SEIDL
18.30 - 19.30
BIOECON internal meetings  
Social Dinner




18:00 – 20:00 Registration and Welcome Cocktail
Location: Villa Moynier



8:30-8:45 Registration
Room: Foyer AJF

8:45-9:00 Welcome Address - OPENING BIOECON XIII

Philippe BURRIN, Director, The Graduate Institute
Timothy SWANSON, The Graduate Institute for the BIOECON Scientific Partners

Founding Partners:

Carlo CARRARO,  Fondazione Eni  Enrico Mattei (FEEM), Italy
Pushpam KUMAR, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Rosimeiry PORTELA, Conservation International (CI), USA
Andrew SEIDL, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Switzerland

9:00-10:00 PLENARY SESSION 1
Chair: Carlo CARRARO
Room: AJF

Erwin BULTE, Professor of development economics, Wageningen University - Professor of environmental and natural resource economics, Tilburg University, The Netherlands
Resources and conflict in Africa: A new look at the evidence

10:00-10:30 Coffee Break, Villa Moynier

10:30-12:30 PARALLEL SESSIONS A1 - A3

10:30 – 12.30 PARALLEL SESSION A1

Chair: Stefan Baumgärtner
Room: Villa Barton, S1

Anne Borge JOHANNESEN, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Exploring the performance of ambient taxation in local common property exploitation
Discussant: L. Noriega

Stefanie GLOTZBACH, Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany
Ecological justice in agricultural systems. An evaluation of success factors and barriers by the example of the Philippine farmer network MASIPAG
Discussant: A. Borge Johannesen

Francis VORHIES, Earthmind, Switzerland
Increasing biodiversity business opportunities
F. Vorhies, N. Bertrand, R. Barrington, J. Bishop, I. Cohen, W. Evison, L. Jaramillo, Ch. Knight, B. Shaffer, F. Staubli, J. Stephenson, Ch. Webb
Discussant: S. Glotzbach

Isabel LOPEZ NORIEGA, Bioversity International, Italy
Multi-stakeholder platforms for generating genetic resources policies: The experience of the Genetic Resources Policy Initiative
Discussant: F. Vorhies

10:30 – 12.30 PARALLEL SESSION A2 (Villa Barton, S4)

Chair: Erwin Bulte
Room: Villa Barton, S4

Florian K. DIEKERT, CEES University of Oslo, Norway
Appreciating the value of age. An evaluation of efficiency gains from controlling gear selectivity under various scenarios
F.  K. Diekert, T.  Rouyer                   
Discussant: A. Cissé

Yajie LIU, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway,
An ecological-economic model on the effects of interactions between escaped farmed and wild salmon (salmo salar)
O. H. Diserud, K. Hindar, A. Skonhoft
Discussant: F.K. Diekert

A.A. CISSÉ, University of French West Indies and Guiana
A bio-economic model for the coastal fishery in French Guiana
A.A. Cissé, S. Gourguet, L. Doyen, F. Blanchard,  J.C. Péreau
Discussant: Y. Liu

10:30 – 12.30 PARALLEL SESSION A3
Chair: Salvatore Di Falco
Room: AJF

Ayumi ONUMA, Keio University, Japan
REDD and optimal carbon credits trading
A. Onuma, E. Sawada
Discussant: M. Veronesi

Victoria LOTTICI, Centre for International Economy (CEI), Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Argentina
Economic instruments applied to the conservation and sustainable use of forests in Argentina
Discussant: A. Onuma

Simon URECH, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Cost-effective payments for reducing emissions from deforestation under uncertainty
S. Engel, C. Palmer, L. Taschini, S. Urech
Discussant: V. Lottici

Marcella VERONESI, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
Adaptation to climate change, food security and risk exposure: Empirical evidence from the Nile Basin of Ethiopia
M. Veronesi, S. Di Falco
Discussant: S. Urech

10:30 – 12.30 SUBMITTED SESSION 1
Market creation for biodiversity and PES Schemes  
Chair : Adam Kleczkowski, Nick Hanley
Room: Villa Barton, S2

Frank WÄTZOLD, Brandenburg Technical University, Cottbus , Germany
Agglomeration payment, agglomeration bonus or homogenous payment?
M. Drechsler, F. Wätzold
[Please contact author for full paper at]
Discussant: A. Kleczkowski

Adam KLECZKOWSKI, University of Stirling, United Kingdom
Spatial coordination agglomeration payment and wetland management
A. Kleczkowski, F.P. de Vries, N. Hanley
Discussant: D. van Soest

Simanti BANERJEE, University of Stirling, United Kingdom
The agglomeration bonus in the presence of private transaction costs
S. Banerjee, F P. de Vries, Nick Hanley
Discussant: F. Wätzold

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch, Villa Moynier

13:30 – 15.30 PARALLEL SESSIONS B1 – B3

13:30 – 15.30 PARALLEL SESSION B1
Chair: Andreas Kontoleon
Room: Villa Barton, S1

José-María DA-ROCHA, Universidad de Vigo, Spain
Resources rent collection and tradable permit programs: market efficiency and firm dynamics
J.-M. Da-Rocha, P. S. Pujolàs
Discussant: M.T. Stoeven

Charles FIGUIERES, INRA, France
Deforestation as an externality problem to be solved efficiently and fairly
C. Figuières, E. Midler
Discussant: J.-M. Da Rocha

Max Thilo STOEVEN, University of Kiel, Germany
Privatizing renewable resources: Who gains, who loses?
M. T. Stoeven, M. F. Quaas
Discussant: Ch. Figuières

13:30 – 15.30 PARALLEL SESSION B2
Chair: Maria Loureiro
Room: Villa Barton, S4

Mare SARR, University College London, United Kingdom
Groundwater use in Tunisia: A choice experiment
X. Liu, M. Sarr
[Please contact author for full paper at ]
Discussant: S. Gourguet

Anders SKONHOFT, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
Hunting and exploitation of terrestrial animal species
Discussant: M. Sarr

A stochastic bio-economic model for the viable management of the Bay of Biscay mixed demersal fisheries
S. Gourguet, C. Macher, L.Doyen, O. Thébaud, M. Bertignac, O. Guyader
Discussant: A. Skonhoft

13:30 – 15.30 PARALLEL SESSION B3
Chair : Ayumi Onuma
Room: AJF

Johane DIKGANG, University of Cape Town, South Africa
The valuation of biodiversity conservation by the South African Khomani San "bushmen" community
J. Dikgang, E. Muchapondwa
Discussant: P. Mwebaze

Paulo A.L.D. NUNES, The Mediterranean Science Commission, Monaco
The social dimension of biodiversity policy in the European Union: Valuing the benefits to vulnerable communities
P. A.L.D. Nunes,  A. Ghermandi, H. Ding
Discussant: J. Dikgang

Paul MWEBAZE , Crawford School of Economics and Government, The Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Valuing a change in the management of Australia’s biological collections:  A conceptual framework and empirical application
P. Mwebaze, J. Bennett
Discussant: P. A.L.D. Nunes

13:30 – 15.30 SUBMITTED SESSION 2
New approaches to modelling illegal hunting and resource extraction
Chair: Nicholas Hanley
Room: Villa Barton, S2

Nicholas HANLEY, University of Stirling , United Kingdom
What can be done to reduce illegal hunting? An investigation using choice experiments in the Serengeti, Tanzania
A. Lowassa, D. Brennan, M. Czajkowski, A. Fischer, N. Hanley, M. Moro, L. Naiman
Discussant: M.R. Nielsen

Julia P. G. JONES, School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography, Bangor University, United Kingdom
Identifying rule-breakers in conservation: UK fly-fishing, Madagascar bush meat consumption and persecution killing of carnivores on South African ranches
F.A.V. St. John, G. Edward-Jones, A. Keane, R. Jenkins, J. Razafimamahaka, J.P. G. Jones
[Please contact author for full paper at ]
Discussant: N. Hanley

Martin Reinhardt NIELSEN, Centre for Forest and Landscape, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Hunting for compliance with prohibition on bushmeat hunting under joint: Forest management in the Udzungwa Mountains of Tanzania
[Please contact author for full paper at]
Discussant: J. Jones

15:30 – 16:00 Coffee Break, Villa Moynier

16:00 – 17.30 PARALLEL SESSIONS C1 – C4

16:00 – 17.30 PARALLEL SESSION C1
Chair: Mare Sarr
Room: Villa Barton, S1

Erik ANSINK, Institute for Environmental Studies, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A coalition model for community resource management
E. Ansink, J.A. Bouma
[Please contact author for full paper at]
Discussant: R. Olbrich

Daan van SOEST, VU University Amsterdam and Tilburg University, The Netherlands
Contagious cooperation, temptation and ecosystem collapse
D. van Soest, A. Richter, J. Grasman
Discussant: E. Ansink

Roland OLBRICH, Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany
Personal norms of sustainability and their impact on management – The case of rangeland management in semi-arid regions
R. Olbrich, M. F. Quaas, S. Baumgärtner
Discussant: D.v. Soest

16:00 – 17.30 PARALLEL SESSION C2
Chair: Mordechai Shechter
Room: Villa Barton, S4

Daiju NARITA, Kiel Institute for World Economy, Germany
Economic costs of ocean acidification: A look into the impacts on shellfish production
D. Narita, K.  Rehdanz, R.S.J. Tol
Discussant: D. DiSegni

Narine UDUMYAN, GREQAM , Aix-Marseille University, France
The bioeconomic analysis of artificial reefs
Discussant: D. Narita

Dafna M. DISEGNI, University of Haifa, Israel
Economic evaluation of jellyfish effects on the fishery sector - A case study from the eastern Mediterranean
N. Nakar, D. M.DiSegni, D. Angel
[Please contact author for full paper at ]
Discussant: N. Udumyan

16:00 – 17:30 PARALLEL SESSION C3
Chair : Anders Skonhoft
Room: AJF

Tobias WÜNSCHER, University of Bonn, Germany
The cost-effectiveness of combining conservation auctions with performance based payments – A field trial in rural Kenya
M. Khalumba, K. Holm Müller, M. Büdenbender
Discussant: G. Villamor

Rhona BARR, London School of Economics, United Kingdom
Income diversification, social capital and their potential role in uptake of marine Payments for Environmental Services schemes: a study from a Tanzanian fishing community
R. Barr, S. Di Falco, and S.  Mourato
[Please contact author for full paper at]
Discussant: T. Wünscher

Grace VILLAMOR, Centre for Development Research (ZEF), University of Bonn, Germany
Payments for agro-biodiversity: An analysis of participation in Jambi’s conservation agreements for rubber agroforests, (Sumatra) Indonesia
G. Villamor,  Q. B. Le, P. L.G. Vlek, M. van Noordwijk
Discussant: R. Barr

16:00 – 17:30  PARALLEL SESSION C4
Chair : Julia Touza
Room: Villa Barton, S2

Neal HOCKLEY, School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography, Bangor University, United Kingdom
What can cost-benefit analysis tell us about conservation?
[Please contact author for full paper at ]
Discussant: A. Muench

Wenting CHEN, Norwegian University of Technology and Science, Norway
Short run welfare effect of forest tenure reform: Evidence from China
[Please contact author for full paper at ]
Discussant: N. Hockley

Angela MUENCH, University Jena, Germany
Biodiversity & Tiebout: In the search for the mechanism ‘vote with their feet’ in Bavaria
Discussant: W. Chen

Incorporating Natural Capital Values into National Accounting: Progress and Future Directions       
Room: AJF                                                                              

Rosimeiry PORTELA, Ph.D. Ecological Economist/Senior Director Science and Knowledge Conservation, Conservation International (CI), USA

Glenn-Marie LANGE, World Bank, Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES)
A Global Partnership WAVES conceptual and methodological framework, components, policy applications and challenges

Pushpam KUMAR, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
The Economics of Ecosystem Services: Where we are, where we are heading

Paulo A.L.D. NUNES, The Mediterranean Science Commission (CIESM), Monaco
Overcoming valuation challenges: The relevant scale of analysis to address different policy questions

Andrew SEIDL, International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), Switzerland
Economic valuation and development: Lessons from recent experience

18:30 – 19:00 Presentation and Discussion of IPBES
Room: AJF

Pushpam KUMAR, United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

18:30 – 19:30 MEETINGS

18:30-19.30 Scientific Partners Meeting
Room: Villa Barton, S4

19:00-19:30 Institutional Partners Meeting
Room: Villa Barton, William Rappard

Château de Penthes, Geneva, Pavillon Gallatin Ch. de l’Impératrice 18 1292 Pregny-Genève




09:00 – 10:00
Chair:  Nicholas Hanley
Room: AJF

Keynote Speech:
Stephen POLASKY, Fesler-Lampert Professor of Ecological/Environmental Economics, University of Minnesota, USA
Ecosystem services, biodiversity and welfare

10:00 – 10:30 Coffee Break, Villa Moynier

10:30 – 12.30

10:30 – 12.30 PARALLEL SESSION D1
Chair: Daan van Soest
Room: Villa Barton, S1

Angela KOPMANN, Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Kiel, Germany
A human well-being approach for assessing the value of ecosystem services providing areas
A. Kopmann and K. Rehdanz
Discussant: K. Tothova

Steven BROEKX, VITO - Flemish Institute for Technological Research, Belgium
A manual and web based tool to support the valuation of ecosystem services in Flanders, Belgium
I. Liekens , S. Broekx, J. Aertsens, J. De Valck, W. Peelaerts, J. Staes, P. Meire, L. De Nocker
Discussant: A. Kopmann

Klara TOTHOVA, UNDP, Bratislava Regional Centre, Slovakia
Rehabilitation of ecosystem functions as a tool for local development – lessons learnt from community-based demonstration projects in Tisa River Basin
Discussant: S. Broekx

10:30 – 12.30 PARALLEL SESSION D2

Chair: Frank Wätzhold
Room: Villa Barton, S4

Pierre COURTOIS, INRA Lameta, France
Bargaining over a climate deal: is it worse to wait and see?
P. Courtois, T. Tazdaït
Discussant: S. Borsky

Andrea LEITER, University of Innsbruck, Austria
Does going green pay off? The effect of an international environmental agreement on tropical timber trade
S. Borsky, A. Leiter, M. Pfaffermayr
Discussant: P. Courtois

Marita LAUKKANEN, Government Institute of Economic Research, Helsinki, Finland
International environmental cooperation with imperfect monitoring
Discussant: A. Leiter

Stefan BORSKY, Institute of Public Finance, University of Innsbruck, Austria
A spatial econometric analysis of compliance with an international environmental agreement on open access resources
S. Borsky, P. A. Raschky
Discussant: M. Laukkanen

10:30 – 12.30 PARALLEL SESSION D3
Chair: Stefan Baumgärtner
Room: AJF

Hailemariam TEKLEWOLD, University of Gothenburg, Sweden
Farming or burning: shadow prices and farmer’s impatience on the allocation of multi-purpose resource in the mixed farming system of Ethiopia
Discussant: A. Rincón

Ramesh GHIMIRE, Agricultural and applied Economics, University of Georgia, USA
An economic analysis of the impact of deforestation on flood risk in developing countries
Discussant: H. Teklewold

Alexander RINCON, Autonomous University Barcelona, Spain  - Alexander von Humboldt Biological Resources Research Institute (Colombia)
Socio-economical and institutional drivers of coca cultivation and associated deforestation in Colombia during the 2000s
A. Rincón, U. Pascual, M.Romero
[Please contact author for full paper at]
Discussant: R. Ghimire

10:30 – 12.30  SUBMITTED SESSION 3
Ecosystem Services from  theory to practice: a critical perspective

Chair: Marc HUFTY, Cécile BIDAUD
Room: Villa Barton, S2

Cécile BIDAUD, Graduate Institute, Geneva, Switzerland and IRD, UMR GRED
Knowledge Mobilization in Water and Carbon PES projects implementation in Madagascar
C. Bidaud, G. Serpantié, P. Méral
Discussant: M. Hufty

Charlene WATSON, Department of Geography and Environment, London School of Economics and Political Science, United Kingdom
Scenarios of opportunity cost of forest conservation in the Bale Mountains Eco-Region, Ethiopia
C. Watson, S.  Mourato and  E.J.  Milner-Gulland
[Please contact author for full paper at]
Discussant: C. Bidaud

Marc HUFTY, Graduate Institute, Geneva, Switzerland
REDD: taking stock of the social and governance dimensions
M. Hufty, M. Brightman, A. Orsini Bled
Discussant: C. Watson

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch,  Villa Moynier

13:30 – 15.30 PARALLEL SESSIONS E1 – E3

13:30 – 15.30 PARALLEL SESSION E1
Chair: Ayumi Onuma
Room: Villa Barton, S4

Lekha MUKHOPADHAY, Jogamaya Devi College, Kolkata, India
Mining-induced desiccation and consequent impact on traditional economic livelihood – an analytical framework
L. Mukhopadhay, B. Ghosh
Discussant: A.Chiabai

Sana ABUSIN, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Determinants of frequency of violating fishery regulation in dynamic deterrence models
S. Abusin,  R. Hassan
Discussant: L. Mukhopadhay

Jyotish BASU, West Bengal State University, Kolkata, India
Measurement of vulnerability and adaptation to climate change for forest dependent communities: An empirical study in drought-prone area of West Bengal, India
Discussant: S. Abusin

Aline CHIABAI, Basque Centre for Climate Change, Spain
On discount rate and intertemporal choices for land allocation: a new approach
A. Chiabai, I. Galarraga, A. Markandya, U. Pascual
Discussant: J. Basu

13:30 – 15.30 PARALLEL SESSION E2
Chair: Andrew Seidl
Room: Villa Barton, S4

Rodrigo ARRIAGADA, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile
Payments for environmental services and their impact on forest transition in Costa Rica
E.O Sills, S.K. Pattanayak
Discussant: A. Reeson

Stefan BAUMGÄRTNER, Department of Sustainability Sciences, Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany
Income distribution and willingness to pay for ecosystem services
M. A. Drupp, J. M. Munz, J. N. Meya, M. F. Quaas
Discussant: R. Arrigada

Andrew REESON, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Canberra, Australia
Targeting enhanced spatial configuration in biodiversity conservation incentive payment Programs
A. Reeson, K. Williams, S. Whitten
Discussant: S. Baumgärtner

13:30 – 15.30 PARALLEL SESSION E3
Chair: Andreas Kontoleon
Room: AJF

How do the farmer risk preferences a ect biodiversity?
L. Mouysset, L. Doyen, F. Jiguet
Discussant: M. F. Quaas

Salvatore DI FALCO, London School of Economics, United Kingdom
Environmental shocks, rates of time preference and conservation: A behavioural dimension of poverty traps?
S. Di Falco, M. Damon, G. Kohlin
Discussant: L. Mouysset

Ahmad Jafari SAMIMI, University of Mazandaran, Iran
Sustainability and economic growth: Evidence from some developing countries
A.J. Samimi, S. Ghaderi, M. Ahmadpour
Discussant: S. Di Falco

Martin F. QUAAS, University of Kiel, Germany
Resilience of natural-resource-dependent economies
M. Quaas, S. Baumgärtner, D. van Soest
Discussant: A.J. Samimi

13:30 – 15.30    SUBMITTED SESSION 4
Valuing and Managing Marine Resources for Human Wellbeing, I    
Chair: Paulo A.L.D. Nunes
Room: Villa Barton, S1

Andrea  GHERMANDI,  Ca Foscari University of Venice, Italy
Global values of shoreline and coastal ecosystem services: A spatial economics analysis
R. Portela, A. Ghermandi,  N.S. Rao, R. Portela, X. Wang
Discussant: M. Loureiro

Nicholas HANLEY, Economics Division, University of Stirling, United Kingdom
Accounting for cultural dimensions when estimating the value of coastal zone ecosystem services using benefit transfer
S. Hynes, D. Norton, N. Hanley
Discussant: A. Ghermandi

M. LOUREIRO, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
International public preferences and provision of public goods: Assessment of passive use values in large oil spills
M. Loureiro, J.Loomis
Discussant: N. Hanley

15:30 – 16:00 Coffee Break, Villa Moynier

16:00 – 17.30 PARALLEL SESSIONS F1 – F3

16:00 – 17.30 PARALLEL SESSION F1
Chair: Maria Loureiro
Room: Villa Barton, S1

The triple bottom line: Meeting ecological, economic and social goals with individual transferable quotas
J-C. Pereau, L. Doyen, L. R. Little, O. Thébaud
Discussant: S. Abdulla

Antara ZAREEN, Bangladesh Institute of Bank Management, Bangladesh
Wetland natural resources economic evaluation and impacts of different management options
A. Sumon
Discussant: L. Doyen

Sabah ABDULLA, Fondazione Eni Enrico Mattei, Italy
Meta-analysis of international coral reef: a revisit to recreational values
[Please contact author for full paper at]
Discussant: A. Zareen

16:00 – 17.30 PARALLEL SESSION F2
Chair: Erwin Bulte
Room: Villa Barton, S1

Roland OLBRICH, Leuphana University of Lüneburg, Germany
Risk preferences under heterogeneous environmental risk
M. F. Quaas, A. Hänsler, S. Baumgärtner
Discussant: A. Kontoleon

Andreas KONTOLEON, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Behaviour in context-free experiments is not predictive of behaviour in the field: evidence from public good experiments in rural Sierra Leone
M. Voors, E. Bulte, A. Kontoleon, J. A. List, T. Turley
[Please contact author for full paper at]
Discussant: R. Olbrich

16:00 – 17.30 PARALLEL SESSION F3
Room: AJF


16:00 – 17.30 PARALLEL SESSION F4
Training Workshop on Valuation of Genetic Resources
Chair: Mare Sarr
Room: Villa Barton Abi-Saab Room

Available material:
Workshop abstract

16:00 – 17:30  SUBMITTED SESSION 5
Valuing and Managing Marine Resources for Human Wellbeing, II
Chair: Paulo A.L.D. Nunes
Room: Villa Barton, S2

Paulo A.L.D. NUNES, The Mediterranean Science Commission, Monaco
Some like it green? A worldwide econometric analysis of coastal tourism demand and biodiversity
L. Onofri, P.A.L.D. Nunes
Discussant: V. Westerberg

Vanja WESTERBERG , INRA, Laboratoire Montpelliérain d'Economie Théorique et Appliquée Montpellier, France
The case for offshore wind farms, artificial reefs and sustainable tourism in the French Mediterranean
V. Westerberg, J. Bredal Jacobsen, R. Lifran
Discussant: P.A.L.D. Nunes




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